Friday, March 26, 2010

Quote Of The Day: Jimmy Saville On Pornography

JIMMY SAVILE: I was surprised to learn some time ago that there’s about 40 of those semi-porn channel things. I find them inextricably boring. I can’t watch them. I mean, who on Earth those people think they are, I don’t know. You know, I’ve been on dance floors and nightclubs all my bleedin’ life, and I’ve got a healthy regard for girls. But I can’t bear to watch that stuff for about two minutes. And I have huge sympathy for all those girls who have to stroke themselves and rub themselves and all the rest of it. And I think to myself, “Holy shite! Do they have to do that to earn a living? The poor bastards!”. Dear, oh dear, oh dear!

Stalwart British broadcaster Jimmy Saville is an odd bird. Odder than most people realise, or would probably be comfortable with. But he always gives an interesting interview and has a dead-on gut for what works and doesn't work in media. Perhaps he could fix it for the women on these channels to get a more rewarding job...?

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