Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Paul And Spike Show... LIVE!

Radio Six International has existed in many forms for more than forty four years, and this Friday night, Paul and Spike kick off their special day-long celebration of ten years streaming online with an unprecedented live EVENT! Yes! "Event" in upper case letters, that's how important it is!

For two hours, The Boys will be inviting your live comments and input as they broadcast from the mountain state directly to Radio Six's Glasgow studios. It's your chance to be in instant live guest, commentator or general pest via email, Skype or the TPASS Google Wave.

Drop by starting at 7pm US/e and midnight Saturday morning UK time, live via, and 1pm Saturday morning New Zealand time via 88.5 World FM in Wellington NZ.

Hop on and talk about what-the-hell ever you want to... Share your week in stuff, rebut a point, introduce a new one. It's all open. The email address is: - Skype ID is "Taskerlands" - and the most recent TPASS Google Wave is always at

Join us? Just for a bit?

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