Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Dear Livestream....

Dear Livestream,

In your pathetic attempt to blame being a distant third on the fact that the other two (more popular) websites that allow users to stream seem to  encourage piracy, and through your "look! look! look what's popular on the EVIL sites! Piracy!" collection of links, you reminded me that I was missing the Scotland Vs Czech Republic game, which I found streaming live on As there is no legal way for me to watch this game in the United States, I thought I was up a certain river, lacking a specific rowing device. Thanks! I'm watching it live now.

As for the quality "legal" entertainment that's currently the most popular on Livestream, I can't say I'm heartbroken that I'm missing "a different approach to betting through most statistical file versions of Greek betting company", or 'Daytrader Bootcamp'. I'll stick with the footy.

Your pal,


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Heather said...

That's sort of how I feel about getting things through er, perfectly legal means. I'll buy a CD, or more likely get the tracks on eMusic, and am generally content with getting movies from Netflix. But when I find say, an alternate version of Old Souls sung by Paul Williams himself, that only exists on a long out of print vinyl album... yeah, that shit's getting snatched off the YouTube vid someone uploaded it to.