Thursday, March 04, 2010

Beauty Queen, Not Intelligence Queen.

I know, I know... I shouldn't even be watching it.  But it's on in the background and I couldn't help but overhear.  Besides, "Maury" is a repeat today.

Dr Oz is discussing weight loss today, and has on a woman who lost 100lbs and is a current "Mrs Idaho" or some bollocks or other.  Yeah, apparently they have beauty competitions for married women.  Go figure.  She was there, to encourage three former beauty queens who had put on weight and were having trouble losing it.  A tough assignment, sure, and a worthy one, but she attributed her personal weight loss to treating it like a job.  And she even had a handy-dandy acronym to help her remember it.  The following is a direct quote:

"Job.  J -O - B:

J: You've got to start journalling your food.  You have to write down everything you eat, so you can be accountable.  You can see what you're putting into your body.

The 'O' stands for obstacles, you guys are going to come and have obstacles every single day. And I want to help you get through those obstacles.

The 'B'... is for patience. It will not take overnight to get where we are."

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