Monday, October 26, 2009

The Paul And Spike Show Monday Morning Catch-up!

The Paul And Spike Show: Friday October 23rd, 2009.

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What a show this week. If it's not balloons, it's people whose heads are like them.

00:00 What a way to start the show! Clean gutters and a clean Linux install! What could possibly go wrong?

07:29 Come on, now. I know you're sick of the Balloon Boy™ coverage, but wait. Paul's words of wisdom regarding media coverage is based on - wait for it - baseball coverage. Really. Oh, and also - a fleeting appearance by Paul's daughter. Aww!!

20:20 The week's news didn't all revolve around Balloon Boy™ (although it sure as hell felt like it), so The Boys discuss the current affairs of this past seven days via the magic of the banjo, in Pickin' And Grinnin'.

22:00 Drink check! What are you drinking as you enjoy the show? Or tolerate the show? Let 'em know at The Usual Address.

24:24 This Week In Stuff; the segment of the show where The Boys talk about their media week, so that you know what to avoid or embrace. Paul's been watching an under-rated John Carpenter movie, and the picturesque, if scant, Days Of Heaven. Cue Katherine Hepburn impressions. Don't ask. On the Blue-Ray, "Patton"! HD, you magnificent bastard. Spike's watched a more traditional JFK doco, is still loving "the" ABC's podcasts and has become attached to Talk Radio 702 out of South Africa. If you ask me, he needs to listen more so his South African accent sounds less like a Pakistani/Welsh/Icelandic hybrid, boyo. Listen to Talk Radio 702 live here. Paul's had a great idea for a future show; is the art of the album lost? We listen to music on "shuffle mode" now, you listen to the gui-tar on the mp3 (look at them yo-yos, that's the way ya do it) and on CDs instead of experiencing the album as a whole, track by track...? Email your thoughts to The Usual Address, and we'll talk about it in depth in a future show.

41:16 In the past week, the Whitehouse has made it clear that - by policy - the Fox News Channel is not to be recognised as a bona fide news organisation but, instead, an "ideology" channel. In the UK, Daily Mail columnist Jan Moir's article about a former boyband member who was found dead aged 33 spurned controversy over her thinly veiled homophobia regarding his death. The Boys talk about whether the media has a right to be controversial and say incendiary things.

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