Thursday, August 27, 2009

Paul And Spike Show Eve - supplemental.

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Part one of the "International Guest Exchange" where TPASS#123 guest Rueben Perdue had Spike on his show Wednesday morning to talk health care and Lockerbie. Also appearing in the second half of the show is author Ron Cruise, whose book "Lies, Bribes and Peril" discusses cultural issues and international business, has a fascinating insight into the recent behaviour of the Libyans.

Don't forget, you can listen to Rueben's show live every weekday morning at from 9am-10am. Click "Listen Live Clarksburg".

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just A Wii Minute: EA Grand Slam Tennis

Alright, kids. Go ahead and laugh, but "International 3D Tennis" on the Commodore 64 was the closest thing to playing the real deal for a very long time. I wore this game out as a shortie, and even though it looks like the players are made out of coathangers, what the game lacked in realistic graphics and sound, it more than made up for in playability.

Lesser tennis games were usually far too interested in making the game look nice, and the chunky graphics often detracted from what was the really important question to ask of a sports simulation game... how much is it like playing the actual sport? Whilst I'll concede that in my real life tennis-playing days, I never entered into a thrilling rally with a pipecleaner-thin, triangular-headed bloke, and the applause of any members of the public who turned up to watch didn't sound much like a sea breeze, but the ball physics and realistic speed of the players in I3DT were unmatched.... until now.

Behold! EA Sports' ('s in the gaaaame) Grand Slam Tennis on the Nintendo Wii. It's only taken nineteen years for a tennis game to more realistically simulate the sport, and it's thanks in no small part to the Wii's "Motion Plus" dongle. Hee hee... I said 'dongle'. M+ provides the player with an almost inch-for-inch recreation of movement inside the game. And in an armflapping-heavy sport like tennis, you have no idea how important that is. Swipe your arm low and up, the ball lobs over the net. Hammer it left, and you're sending Venus Williams belting across the court to try and return your shot. It's uncanny, and an astonishing achievement for a video game.

What does it lack? Well, there's no guidance when it comes to training (I'm kicking ass, but I could still really use some help with service), they've missed out some of the lesser-known greats like Ivan Lendl and Henri Leconte in the available players in favour of the usual suspects, and Pat Cash's woefully small repertoire of commentary gets worn out by the third match, but my guess would be that the average video game snobs' biggest issue would be that GST suffers, somewhat, from similar initial superficialities that made I3DT such a figure of fun back in the day; The players aren't realistic enough and the sound's a bit ropey at times. But, like I3DT (which is now old enough to drive, join the military, vote, and, in countries with more enlightened laws, get drunk), it's the gameplay that makes it so unmissable. What happens on your arm, happens in the game. (If only that were the case with "Sam Fox Strip Poker" - eh, lads?) Sure, games like "Virtua Tennis" on the PS3 look more realistic, but playing with a paddle means it's still a game. Mashing buttons to return and aim a serve makes it a game. Physically aiming your shot and making sure you've swiped with enough power to hit a target, and you're very nearly playing a sport.

Of course, what makes the game totally unrealistic is the fact that I've already bagged the Australian and French opens, and am past the first round of Wimbledon. I might even be the first Scotsman since Angus Podgorny to reach the final.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Paul&Spike Show 121, Monday Morning Catchup!

Psssst! Can I tell you a secret? The Paul And Spike Show is RECORDED! YES! We don't shrink ourselves down and sit inside your computer or iPod and regurgitate the show every time you press 'play'. We record the show on a Thursday night for a Friday transmission/podcast. BUT! This week, we're doing it earlier - we're doing it on Tuesday night (18th), so if you want to leave your comments for the show at the usual address, you had better do it before 6pm on Tuesday night for inclusion in the show. Kthnxbai.

The Paul And Spike Show, episode 121 - Original Radio Six International broadcast: Friday August 14th, 2009

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Hello Cleveland!

00:00 Bloody nora! What a crappy week! Spike's had no sleep, and Paul can't drink because of ladies problems. Misty water colored memories of the way they were, with echos of John McCain and Ted Kennedy flowing round their heads, The Boys talk about their days in "old fashioned radio" and the morning schedule nazi on urban station "The Bee". Oh... sorry... "The Bizzee".

08:26 Listener Chimp has the in-box stacked, with thoughts that range from Superman to The Tube to not helping his mum with shopping.

19:16 Some spam leads to a discussion about - of all things - gun control and whether Charlton Heston was a good or bad representative for the NRA, you damn dirty apes. Also, they are winner of one million dollars. So, there's that.

27:35 You'll take my banjo when you pry it from my COLD DEAD HANNNNNDSAH!! Pickin' And Grinnin'; takin' a moonshine-flavored look at the week's news.

30:00 This Week In Stuff, in which The Boys talk about what's been on their tv/radio/library radars to help you make better informed entertainment decisions. Spike's been listening to a doco about people who can't (and won't) connect to the internet and how their lives are being made more difficult, and he's had a flip round his in-laws' new HD lineup... and he's not impressed. Paul is threatening to go postal because of "Catcher In The Rye" and is turning all Walt Disney with his DSi, thanks to a freebie app called 'Flipnote Studio'.

53:12 It's been a rough week, filled with misinformational fwd fwd fwd fwd emails, town hall meetings filled with loud, interrupting douchebags who would much rather yell than debate and threats of looming socialism - all thanks to Obama's new plan to diddle about with America's healthcare system and turn us into socialists, or kill us. Is the UK's nationalised healthcare system really all that bad? Are heart stents thin on the ground and are the people of Jolly Old England subject to an ominous 'death panel'? The Boys, offering a (very) unique perspective and with a wealth of experience inside both systems, talk about the good, the bad and the downright ridiculous - and they want your views. Tell them where you are in this argument and why, through the usual address.


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