Monday, July 06, 2009

The Paul&Spike Show, Monday Morning Catch-Up!

I'm stunned. Utterly, utterly stunned. This has become, in an astonishingly short amount of time, the most downloaded single episode of The Paul And Spike Show. I mean, it EXPLODED. So, if you've already downloaded the show, we want to offer you a huge thank you. If you missed it over the weekend - GOOD NEWS! Here's your chance to catch it. Don't forget to keep in touch with the show via the usual address, and to join the new 'TPASS' forums at Also, feel free to share and enjoy the show with friends - or enemies!

The Paul And Spike Show, episode 117 - Original Radio Six International broadcast: Friday July 3rd, 2009

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This week, The Boys are joined by the President Of The (e)United States of America, to discuss his legacy. Also on the agenda, why it was a bad week to be a celebrity, Iran's recount and a morbid Over/Under.

00:00 Oh sure, you'd think that after replacing computers to improve the recording quality (last week's show sounded ghastly), all would be well, right? Particularly since now there's a Linux in the mix. But, alas, no. Spike's not alone when it comes to computer woes, Paul's ISP is having one of its yearly cop-outs. Will Paul the IT professional be able to convince the script-reliant customer service rep that he knows the problem is at their end...?

08:58 It's not been a safe week to be a celebrity. The Boys talk about all the dudes what snuffed it, dish out the Jackson puns and give a touching tribute to that actress who was in that thing once. On NBC. No... wait... CBS.

14:30 Between Michael Jackson dominating the newscasts and not too many protesters left out of jail to complain, there's not been much Iran news over the past week. There's been a recount - but was it fair and accurate? And what links Iran to overnight radio chappies who run out of toilet paper?

18:50 The week's news is condensed and delivered with breath that smells like moonshine and ramps, as The Boys go Pickin' And Grinnin'.

21:30 Hail to the chief, baby! Just a few days before he leaves office, President Scrabman; leader of the largest country in the New World of eRepublik, joins The Boys for his first and final interview as elected head of state. Paul's got a few questions about the game, and President Scrabman discusses his legacy.

1:05:57 It's been the most fatal week for celebrities in living memory, so The Boys talk about celebrity deaths that were given an Overabundance of media coverage or had an Underwhelming two-line obit in the Sutton And Thames-Ditton Racing Post. It features two musicianins, one comedian and someone who didn't really do anything other than ponce up and down red carpets and sponge off the taxpayers. ** Over/Under is brought to you by AbraCadaver!: don't let your murder investigation go autopsy-turvey - leave your celebrity post mortem to the experts, because your body shouldn't look bad 'cause of death. **


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