Monday, July 13, 2009

The Paul And Spike Show, Monday Morning Catch-up!

A guest this week made it The Paul And Spike And Old Spike Show! Yes, Old Spike and I had a drink or two (a bottle of merlot and a Yeungling Lite each) so there's giggling a-plenty. Hopefully, you'll giggle, too, and not just go "wow... what a pair of annoying mongs." Nevertheless - if you happened to miss the show over the weekend, here's your chance to catch it now. Share and enjoy!

The Paul And Spike And Old Spike Show, episode 118 - Original Radio Six International broadcast: Friday July 10th, 2009

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Spike's dad, Old Spike, is in town, bearing gifts for Paul. The three drunskateers discuss many-a-subject, including a word they can't say, inter-city relations and Arah-say, Alin-pay.

02:16 BUSTED! Paul hears pouring, so the jig's up for a Booze Update. Old Spike shares his medicine, but Paul's keeping The Good Stuff™ to himself. What's the hardest booze that Old Spike's ever imbibed? He tells the story, which involved extinguishing all cigarettes...

06:10 Old Spike's got some stuff to give to Paul, one part of which is 50% Welsh, one part is a movie that contains an unbroadcastable word and one is a recording which reached ye top fpotte in Cafey Cafem'f Top LX Countedown.

22:43 News and current affairs have never sounded so much like The South. Them boys is Pickin' And Grinnin', yuh-huh.

24:10 A few tasteless jokes and a taste of the Yuengling Light leads into the bulging postbag from last week's show, including some lovely comments from the eRepublik people, and another great full-episode commentary from Robin.

28:30 Somehow, probably because of the booze, the subject gets onto how people perceive the citizens of another country. Yeah... I'm not sure how that happened either. The Boys talk about the differences between the folks of big cities and smaller cities, and the time Mrs. Old Spike brought home a French girl. Ye-e-e-essss.

49:44 The rebuttal to Robin's letter gets the kibosh because Old Spike wants to read from the US Constitution in a WC Fields voice and from "The Book Of Lists", which - remarkably - was one of the first ever books of lists.

56:27 Sir! Trigger's been killed! As promised at the start of the show, Spike has a two-word trigger that will set both Paul and Old Spike off. These two words - a name, by the way - are summed up by Paul via a comment regarding people who don't like "people like us" who make fun of her; "if she would just shut up and go away, it would take care of them both." Is it feasible that Old Spike, a life-long lefty, has kind words to say about Bush The Elder and John McCain?


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