Monday, June 08, 2009

Paul And Spike Show Monday Morning Catch-up!

Missed the show over the weekend? Did it get lost in the cloud of weekendery? Did you just forget? Don't worry. We forgive you. THIS time.

The Paul And Spike Show episode 113: Original Radio Six International broadcast, Friday June 5th, 2009

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00:00 The show's too damn popular for its own damn good (or, they forgot to pay a bill) because some folks had trouble listening to the podcast last week and our bandwidth ran out. The Boys consider ways to pay the hefty bandwidth bill, including PBS-style pledge drives. Correspondence a-plenty from last week's show, including Robin's unmissably hilarious stream-of-consciousness commentary, and why The Boys are a bad influence on a Twitterer.

Suggestions for the Paul And Spike Show Hall Of Fame came from listener Pat, who thinks that "The Empire Strikes Back", "M*A*S*H" and chipotle sauce be inducted. What's your vote? Yay or nay on one or all? Email the show, or discuss it further in the Paul And Spike Show FaceGroup Book. Get in touch if you want to suggest some of your own, too!

20:10 The week's news gets banjo'd in "Pickin' and Grinnin'!"

22:24 This Week In Stuff! Paul discovers how his Zune becomes "a gay fun party", and Spike talks about watching a 1972 tv play about cannibalism. Also, is it really that hard to make a model kit of the Starship Enterprise? Apparently so. The Boys declare their love for Pixar, and discuss whether it's feasible to compare the hand-drawn Disney movies of yore with the CGI movies of today. Agree? Disagree? Email the show and tell 'em!

45:01 Over/Under. This week, cover versions! Those cheeky chappies who take someone else's song and do things to it. Sometimes it's good. Sometimes it's bad. What's your Over/Under on cover versions? Lettem know, yo. Get in touch if you have any rebuttals to their choices, too.

1:07:03 The Shop Book Exhange Haiku Book Review is BACK! You could win ten bucks to spend at the phenominal online used bookstore! You could bag yourself "The Panic Broadcast", Howard Koch's excellent 1971 book about Orson Welles' infamous 'War Of The Worlds' broadcast, for example. It'll cost you a mere $2.50! So, even if you don't win, you can still feel like a winner by scoring top literature at awesome prices. Submit your book review or summary to the usual address by Wednesday June 10th.


Think you'd be a good guest on the show? The Boys are aiming for a summer of guests, so if you'd like to get in on the action, email the show and let 'em know. Whether you have a specialty, something to plug, or you just want to hang out, you're always welcome. Skype's your best option, but we'd also be happy to call you on the phone to join in, too.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO RADIO SIX INTERNATIONAL! Oh sure, "doing birthdays" is a little too much like straying into dreary FM morning show territory, but this one's a biggun. Radio Six celebrates its 46th birthday this week! From humble beginnings with a wind-up gramophone to the custom-built studio it operates from today, Radio Six goes from strength to strength and helped to launch the careers of Sony Award winning broadcaster Steve Wright, Scottish radio icon "Tiger" Tim Stevens and broadcasting deity Tony Currie, whose passion and unparalelled dedication is what keeps the dream alive to this very day. We raise one of our many glasses to you, sir! Keep your eye on Radio Six's schedule to catch the hour-long birthday special.

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