Monday, June 29, 2009

Paul And Spike Show #116 - Monday Catch-up!

Did you miss the show this weekend? Feh, it happens. Don't sweat it. ....that said, grab it NOW. The last five minutes of the show are worth the download. I laughed so hard, a bit of pee came out.

The Paul And Spike Show, episode 116 - Original Radio Six International broadcast: Friday June 26th, 2009

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Breaking news, which is already well broken. Ropey quality thanks to a computer that's about to go the way of Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Mark Sanford's political career, this week's show, which deals extensively with the media coverage of news 'events', was recorded just as news of Michael Jackson's death was breaking.

00:00 Harking back to their days of 'old fashioned radio', The Boys look back to other breaking news that has happened whilst they've been on air, including September 11th and Hitler's invasion of Poland.

03:25 In front of our very eyes, news is breaking at the speed of Tweets, whether it's a celebrity death or a revolution. But whom can one trust? Is the media running away with half-baked tips? Will the established media even survive when every hobbledehoy with a mobile phone and a Twitter account is a "citizen journalist"?

14:31 Joined by Scottish radio production god Stewart Priest, "Stoop" talks about the difference in the way breaking news is covered in the UK from the US media outlets, and the future of news gathering.

33:30 Better late and in a different segment than never, right? Beware those flying sharp shards of show protocol, the news gets countrified in Pickin' And Grinnin'.

36:19 Another great running commentary from Robin - glass o'booze in hand and the lure of an empty Outlook email combined with incendiary comments from Paul on Sarah Palin means that Robin is in rare form... Also, the President of the eUnited States issues a statement on the boys' eRepublik gameplay.

48:02 Paul is well impressed with the comedic skills of friends-of-friend-of-the-show Rebecca Burch, regarding the Mark Sanford scandal. The Boys discuss the case in detail and whether, as a republican, Sanford is getting a raw-er deal from the media than a democrat.

56:48 This Week In Stuff. Having discovered that it is, indeed, himself that sucks, Paul scoops the US Open trophy. Work that one out. Spike's been watching a 1980s-era documentary on the moon, and Paul does the single greatest Wanda Sykes impression in history. So good it ends the show.


The Paul And Spike Show Forums are open... and we've been waiting for you. Hot topics this week have include Steve Jobs' new liver, the US military accepting neo-nazis but not gays, and a new haiku thread.


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Chris James said...

Citizen journalists? I remember back int he good ol' days of the internets when we just had citizen porn stars.