Monday, June 15, 2009

Paul And Spike And Rebecca Burch Show, Monday Morning Catch-up!

Dude, WTF? You missed the show over the weekend? Tchoh! Oh well, never mind. Here's your chance to catch up.

The Paul And Spike And Rebecca Burch Show, episode 114 - Original Radio Six International broadcast: Friday June 12th, 2009

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This week, the Dynamic Duo are joined by artist, art teacher and art critic Rebecca Burch from the bloggin' shop "Carpe You Some Diem" to talk art, lunatics and "The Safety Dance" video.

00:00 The Boys sift through the week's correspondence, which includes Robin's weekly stream-of-consciousness rundown of the last show, plus some more support for "M*A*S*H" and "The Empire Strikes Back" to be inducted into the Paul And Spike Show Hall Of Fame. Oooohhh, and does Paul have a not-so-secret admirer? They love getting your letters, and your Robin-style commentaries of previous shows, so keep sending them to the usual address.

14:40 When the week's news and pa-paw's moonshine collide: Pickin' And Grinnin'.

16:36 After stealing a neighbour's microphone (really!) Rebecca joins The Boys to discuss their Week In Stuff, whether one should nix a nose-picking family photograph, Paul gives a progress report on his recent model-building ...and will Mr Charley Manson Himself make an appearance? Wooooo!

36:55 With a genuine bona-fide artist in residence, it would be silly not to have an art theme for this week's Over/Under, right? You'll learn the international sound of groping, Thomas 'Kink'-aide gets slandered (not really), and who drew the chalk outline of Bob Ross on the floor...? Plus, how you can authenticate a Pollock, a deer in front of a barn in the snow, and the magical effects of the three-wolf t-shirt.

55:20 Who wins $10 to spend at following last week's Haiku Book Review? Some alarmingly literate entries, as always, and Rebecca brings her's to the table. Keep sending them in, and maybe next week, it could be YOU who is a-winnin' ten bucks to shop at the internet's premiere used book store, - you know where to send them; the usual address.

Thanks to Rebecca for coming on and being awesome! We think you should all go buy something from the Carpe You Some Diem (damnit) store, and subscribe to her blog, ASAFP.

D'yer think you'd be a good guest on the show? We think you would. The Boys are aiming for a summer of guests, so if you'd like to get in on the action, email the show and let 'em know. Whether you have a specialty, something to plug, or you just want to hang out, you're always welcome. Skype's your best option, but we'd also be happy to call you on the phone to join in, too.

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