Monday, June 15, 2009

Attention, Chatty WV Bloggers!

Remember the good old days of the WV Bloggers Board, where we'd all get together and have fun, and a nice little community grew where we traded ideas and thoughts? Well, I'd like to invite you to what - hopefully - will turn into another nice little community, and I'm inviting you specifically because I know from the past board that you can bring the goods. The smarts were there, the funnies were there, the polite debates about news and politics were there on the old board. Quite honestly, I miss it. And I miss the direct conversations, too. It's all fine and dandy commenting on each other's blogs - and I hope that continues too - but I enjoyed the actual interactive conversations even more.

So! I've set up another forum. Initially, it was set up to cater to the podcast, but when I was categorising, the thought struck me that it shouldn't just be limited to the show. There should be other sections that aren't me-centric (tchoh! the idea!), that are similar to the fun times we had together in days of yore. What eventually happened was that the podcast became just one category of nine.

It's here: And if your particular tastes aren't catered to or the reason you'd come back to an online conversational community isn't there, let me know and I can add another section and we can grow the place organically.

In the coming days, I'll be inviting other people from other facets of my online life that I think will be able to contribute something great. I hope you'll come along and do the same.

Oh - a quick word of warning, though. It's yellow. Good news is that that's already up for debate...


All Click said...

Dear lord. There goes every spare minute of my day.

Muze Euterpe said...

I canz be a stawker?