Monday, March 30, 2009

Paul And Spike Show Podcast, monday morning catch-up.

Missed the show on Friday? Fear not! Catch up with the multi award-losing podcast from the boys who brought you such exciting fare as "The Paul And Spike Show episode 102", "The Paul And Spike Show Episode 103", and the upcoming "The Paul And Spike Show episode 105". Don't miss this amazing and thri... what? Oh, sorry - I have to go. My tea's out.

Here it is!

The Paul And Spike Show, Episode 104. Originally broadcast on Radio Six International at 2230UTC, March 27th 2009.

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00:00 - Apple-cheeked with alcohol and fired up from an online debate with a tireless Obama-basher, The Boys are ready to dive into the fray. After some FM radio introductions and a special prize given to Alice Farfnarfer of Dunbar, it's BOOM! POLITICS! Obama getting the short end of the stick by the GOP? And he's an ideologue? Really? Is it really a shame that the GOP has turned into The People's Temple Of Rush Limbaugh?

18:18 - It's a Booze Update! What are The Boys drinking? Is boxed wine better than bottled wine, and does "cheap plonk" tell the same time as a $4000 Rolex? Wait, what?

25:40 - He's a-pickin', and he's a-grinnin'. The big news stories of the day given gravitas, elevation and importance by having rubbish puns written about them, and delivered in between bursts of twangy country music.

28:56 - Spike wonders whether Mike (the boss) is enjoying the show, and The Boys sift through the weeks' correspondence, including a correction of Paul's research, a disagreement with Spike's analysis of Genesis and which Wii game they made someone buy.

35:07 - Local legend The Amazing Delores (now the Deceased Delores) wowed the crowd of drunks and lesbians (and drunk lesbians) at Paul's 30th birthday party. Find out why, and discover the little-known fried food-focused guitar solo embellishment of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Freebird"

Now you - yes, even YOU - can enjoy the energetic talents of The Hardest Working Great-Grandmother In Showbiz for a mere 51 American Cents! (correct at time of writing). The Amazing Delores put out a CD of songs back in 1994, called "Stop Messin' With My Mind", including such classics as "Rats In My Trailer", "Do The In And The Out" {{{shudder}}}, and "Goin' Over 40". OH. YOUR. GOD. Buy it now, before Time-Life reissues it and gouges you by charging twice the price: $1.02.

41:31 - This Week In Stuff! What the boys are reading/watching/playing. Paul has a non-flashback retro review of Pink Floyd's "The Wall", Spike's been enjoying "Bolt" and "The Kit Curran Radio Show", in which they find a link between local radio, "Local Hero" and a potential Star Wars spin-off series. Hmmmm. Also, which is better; cell animation or CGI?

56:36 Perhaps for the last time, we try to find out Whoooooo Is Nicking My Hot Water. Know who it is? Know what they're talking about? The water thief is a newsmaker from this past week - if Yoooouuuuu know who the water thief is, email the show here. Or, don't. S'up to you.

Aye.... very good.


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The (broadcast) times, they are a-chaaaaangin'. Radio Six International will, from the 11th of April, be broadcasting the Paul and Spike Show three times. w00t! The premiere time gets to be half an hour earlier, at 2200UTC (6pm US/e) with a repeat on 0800UTC Saturdays (4am US/e) and 2000UTC Sundays (4pm US/e). So you've no excuse. Over at the excellent 88.5 World FM in Wellington New Zealand, the times they aren't a chaaaaan-gin': the show will continue at 7pm Saturday nights local time (listen online, Saturdays 0600UTC, 2am US/e) Every so often, you might hear us, or any of the other quality Radio Six programming, on Maine-based shortwave powerhouse WBCQ: The Planet, via 5.110MHz and 9.330MHz. Let us know if you do. It being shortwave, there's no telling where you would be able to hear it in this fine world of ours.


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