Saturday, December 13, 2008

Spike Nesmith Rage Machine Podcast: "When Blaggers Attack!"

*apologies for the lateness of the posting of this episode if, in the unlikely event, you follow the Rage Machine via anything other than the podcast RSS feed. Either Pod-o-matic, who host the file, or my computer (not impossible) went all wanky last week, which meant that Les Machine Du Rage embedded audio player was unavailable. Ho hum. Ever mind. Here it is:

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This go around on Ye Olde Machine O'Rage, our hero takes a long, hard look at a man he refers to as "The Blagger"; why he was a hero one day, and a villain the next. Why, also, it's just more evidence that no politician should be trusted.

If you found a big, fat bag of cash hanging on a hook in a cludgie, would you give it back or would you keep it? One woman found almost a hundred grand; not only did she work far too hard to find whom it belonged to, but she wouldn't even take a grand for her trouble. Pfft!


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