Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rage Machine Podcast: The 2008 Christmas Special

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It's a Christmas special that will make all other Christmas specials wither away in embarrassment, with an unhealthy dose of jollyness, hall-decking, dobba dobba dom doms, pa rum pa pum pums, and a festive song about attempted date rape. Our holiday hero counts down the top ten christmas songs that make up almost all of British radio's yuletide offerings but never get played in America, constructs a new version of 'The 12 Days Of Christmas', sings to and with himself and has the audacity to tell a collection of holiday movie cliches to get off his lawn.

Featuring a plethora of special holiday guests including The Jingle Singers, Spike's clones, the real Jonah Lewie* and a visit from a semi-reasonable facsimile of David Bowie, it's the show about which the internet's Red Zeppelin said, "A++ WOULD GET JOLLY TO AGAIN". And you can't argue with that.

Merry Christmas!

*Not the real Jonah Lewie

1 comment:

jedijawa said...

I've been listening to the show Spike and this one kicked ass (well, I've liked them all actually). :-)