Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rage Machine Podcast: "The 'B' Word"

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This week, our hero is all hopped up on coffee and a comestible combo which is either a new delicacy or the ingredients for some form of explosive. Other items on the menu (you see what I did there?) include a pop culture apology, NASA's recycled wee, whither British toerags, how to correctly introduce The Archies' "Sugar Sugar" and dazzlingly amusing quip about the role of republicans in the Obama whitehouse.

Also: why "that b-word Murdoch" is the smartest man in media, what could be the kick-off to removing all emotional adjectives from journalism and Tudor's Biscuit World. Mmmm!!

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1 comment:

RedZeppelin said...

Even if your description of the new Beatles tune ends up being perfectly accurate, it will still sound better than 90% of the crap on the radio today.