Monday, September 29, 2008

When The Legend Becomes Fact, Think The Legend.

At the risk of getting all Nancy Grace on yo' assiz, the more I read of this totally bizarre saga, the more I'm inclined to feel almost sorry for Casey Anthony. And today's events are no exception.

Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, the woman Casey Anthony reportedly named as a suspect in the case of her missing daughter, today denied any involvement in the case, saying she doesn't even know the family

Fernandez-Gonzalez, said that she looked at an apartment and filled out a form at the complex where Anthony said she dropped off Caylee before she disappeared.

"I just went to look at an apartment and filled out an information card," Fernandez-Gonzalez said. "My suspicion is they probably gave her [Anthony] the information from the card."

The card included the names of two of her daughters and the make and color of her car, which is the same information that Anthony gave the police.

John Holmes - yes, that one - once concocted a story with his manager to tell in interviews at the height of his fame, to make him sound more interesting and exotic than "farm boy from Nowhere, Ohio with freakish appendage, abandons his ultra-conservative wife to make 8mm loops and become an LAPD snitch". The story was that a wealthy female English socialite/wife of a business professional/whatever had paid for him to take several trip per year to visit and... ahem... 'service' her. All fabrication, but towards the end of his career, whether it was mental erosion due to massive drug abuse or a case of telling the story so often his head had convinced him that it had indeed happened, Holmes, making idle smalltalk one day, turned to his manager and said "hey, remember when I used to go visit that woman..."

One wonders if Casey Anthony is at this point, either due to some form of mental illness or 'print the legend'itus, that having concocted a story and repeated it in her head and to police so many times, is it indeed fact to her? She, after all, still plays the increasingly tenuous 'innocent' card and sticks steadfastly to her original claims despite the mountain of evidence against her that overwhelmingly points to the fact that she's probably guilty and looks to be going down for a very long time.

But they also said that about OJ, didn't they?

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All Click said...

Why are you stealing Nancy Grace's limelight? :-p

She has been covering the story for so long I wonder HOW she is going to be able to do something different.

You make a good point though. Perhaps she HAS convinced herself that she is innocent.