Friday, August 08, 2008

Rage Machine: At Last! An Audience!

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In this premiere episode for Radio Six International, our hero discusses... waaait for it... waaaaiiiiit for iiiiit.... the American Presidential Election! (well, YOU fill an hour.)

Was Obama's trip to Europe and the middle east eclipsed, in the opinion of people who can actually vote for him, by McCain's podunk tour of the flyover states? He chastises the British media for their pronunciation of "Barrick" Obama.

And write down the date! Spike says something complimentary about George Bush! This one's a keeper!

There's the price of oil (be nice, this is a new audience, they've not heard this guff before) and could it be? Really? A politician doing something nice? Hmm... maybe, maybe not. Britain's Channel 4 incurs the wrath of the regulatory body for showing a skewed anti-global warming documentary, and what's the right way to respond to pokes and requests on Facebook?

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