Thursday, August 28, 2008

SNRM: Oh, The Adjectives!


This week, our hero dissects the Denver Democratic donvention... uh, Convention, and tells you why, even as a proud loony lefty liberal whose ideology takes more left turns than a Nascar race, he can't quite find it in his bleeding heart to embrace Obama. Also on the agenda, a look at Obama's VP pick Joe Biden, his ties to Wales' lest irritating export Neil Kinnock, and why "teh meeja" aren't giving him a fair shake.

What ties McCain's now-famous confusion over how many houses he has to Spike's 4-year-old pair of Chuck Taylor's? Why can't our hero get into the Olympics, why does the British team's imminent titling in the New Year's honours list "twang a bum note" on his banjo, and with what would NBC interrupt coverage of the end of the world?

Our hero will tell you what connects Beijing to 'Auld Lang Syne', why he's not proud of the guy who lives two doors down, and makes a terribly, terribly unfair comment about cheerleaders.

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First aired on Radio Six International, Wednesday August 27th.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

SNRM: Life Begins At Kleenex


This week, our hero tackles the Saddleback Church mass-debate with Obama and McCain rambling on and on about the things they always ramble on about. There's an investigation into John McCain's greatest hits, why the Scots are uptight about their bard and a neat way to replenish your bank account. (warning: it means moving to Wales.)

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dear The Department Of Homeland Security

I know you routinely use your vast powers and super networks to monitor what we residents read, where we are, what we're doing.... After all, it's for our own safety, right?

Well, when you check out my most recent receipt from Wal-Mart, bear in mind that I'm not a terrorist and I don't work for any rogue nations. I was hungry and it looked yummy.


Spike Nesmith

Friday, August 08, 2008

Squeezing My You Tube.

For no other reason than fun, and because I've been arsing around with Windows Movie Maker recently, I decided to 'do a You Tube', as the kids of today like to say.

This is what a spare hour, a few pictures from The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, a filter or two and a BBC Radiophonic Workshop album can do.

Rage Machine: At Last! An Audience!

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In this premiere episode for Radio Six International, our hero discusses... waaait for it... waaaaiiiiit for iiiiit.... the American Presidential Election! (well, YOU fill an hour.)

Was Obama's trip to Europe and the middle east eclipsed, in the opinion of people who can actually vote for him, by McCain's podunk tour of the flyover states? He chastises the British media for their pronunciation of "Barrick" Obama.

And write down the date! Spike says something complimentary about George Bush! This one's a keeper!

There's the price of oil (be nice, this is a new audience, they've not heard this guff before) and could it be? Really? A politician doing something nice? Hmm... maybe, maybe not. Britain's Channel 4 incurs the wrath of the regulatory body for showing a skewed anti-global warming documentary, and what's the right way to respond to pokes and requests on Facebook?

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

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