Monday, June 09, 2008

SNRM: It's Much Too-oo Late... For Goodbyes.

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It’s finally over, in time for it all to start all over again. As OBAMA scoops the Democratic nomination, Spike talks about the primary as a whole and looks ahead to five more months of
this guff, intensified. Well, at least he’ll have plenty to talk about, right?

Questions: What links (never a frown with) Gordon Brown to scary mentalist Derren Brown, other than the name? Why is Google turning into an AOL/MySpace hybrid? How well does Tony Blair know his Bible? Who says Britain’s “moral vacuum” is turning formerly good Christians into Islamic fundamentalists, and why? And how does that relate to the apparently moribund world of local radio? What can stop kids smoking and drinking? Are internet users ruthless and selfish? And what’s WITH that slutty mermaid…?

All the answers, and much more, are in these eighty action-packed minutes of Rage.

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All Click said...

So are you running two blogs with the same content? or is spikeshow where it's at? Should I still link here/keep coming here? It smells funny.

Spike Nesmith said... is where it's at in terms of the show's content, I only post the poddy here as well because there are so many of my original subscribers who haven't made the move. There is a noticable dip in the number of listens if I don't post it here.