Monday, May 19, 2008

A Very Special Spike Nesmith Rage Machine. In Color! With Special Guest Star: Paul Wheeler.

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What a show! Paul Wheeler, longtime friend, defender and co-conspirator of our hero leaps on board the Rage Machine via the gift of Skype to talk about alllllll manner of goodness. They examine the Hillary/Obama race as it flowed through the Mountain State and question whether it should be renamed The Whitey State. Is Hillary's desperation to hang on, despite all evidence that she should just give the hell up already, a possible boon to the Democratic party. come time for the race proper..?

The lads also discuss whether PC gaming is dying, the Yahoo-Microsoft/Yahoo-Google mergers, whether it's the 'done thing' to have child pornography on one's ipod (or PDA) and leave it at an area Denny's, the morality of upskirts, and there's also a special appearance by an old friend (and, indeed, relative) to the Rage Machine as they fathom out an upcoming Rage Machine Movie special together.

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The Film Geek said...

It was great to hear you guys talking again!!

And thanks for the mention of my blog, it was appreciated.

Senihele said...

Paul and Spike
Good show
Good memories

Senihele said...

I'm not sure I agree with the two of you, tho, that the prejudice is simply one of unfamiliarity. I've heard some nasty, hateful, vile and violent comments made in WV.