Monday, May 26, 2008

SNRM: A Bloody Hell Moment (fixed)

Sorry about the technical mayhem. Something went wrong. Howwibly, howwibly wrong. Turns out that even though the embedded flash player was coping admirably with the file, the peeps on the RSS-end were only getting half the show. I have a sneaky suspicion as to why this is, ultimately it doesn't matter. It's fixed now, so enjoy it! If you have any problems listening, let me know at the usual address so I can fix them, because most of the time I have no idea.

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After a "bloody hell moment" through the week and major praise from major quarters over last week's show, our hero gets back to 'nobody listening and it being rubbish' usual, discussing whether Barack Obama can moan, whine and bleat over his wife being criticised, whilst sending her out to public events to campaign for him - were her original comments misunderstood? Or should she have stood her ground? E-Mail Spike at the usual address if you have any thoughts on the case. D'y'think John McCain has any grounds for criticising O, over his lack of military service? And did the AP/MSNBC overstep journalistic boundaries be referring to McCain as a "war hero" in the article rather than a veteran? You might like to comment on that, too.

TEN GRAND to renovate a kitchen? TEN GRAND?? You better believe it. That, and other taxpayer-paid revelations in the expense accounts of British MPs. Prime Minister (neverafrownwith) Gordon Brown is launching a new service with YouTube, whereby the lumpen proletariat can submit questions. Spizzike looks at a few quizzestions asked of G-Bizzle by the great, good and snappily dressed of Grizzeat Brizzitain. Scroll down to see them in their full glory!

The heads of the five families were dragged up to capitol hill and grilled by Spike's new sarcastic hero. All that, and a man who doesn't want to make any money. But, according to an anti-NRA organisation, is quite happy for straw purchasers to. Ha ha ha ha!

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Here is the YouTubery, as heard on this exciting edition of The Rage Machine:

Gordo solicits us:

StylistBrighton's long, rambling Video Blog. There may be a question in there, somewhere.

AnonyGirl1 questions "G-Bizzle". Who likes her shirt? She got it from Asda. (that's like Walmart). Remember folks, this is the generation that will be wiping your arse in the old people's home. Scary thought, huh?

Check out the phat jamzzz that SambaDisaWinner lays down for his fawn-a-thon/question - as if he's about to start making sweet, sweet love to Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Y'know, I can't help thinking I've seen this bloke somewhere before...

And finally, what could be more entertaining/frightening than a trip to Don's Guns? Remember: he doesn't want to make any money, folks...

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