Wednesday, January 23, 2008

SNRM: Spike's Conscience Speaks (week of Jan 20 to 26)

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As Fred Thompson drops out of the republican race for the whitehouse, Spike talks about why it’s a good thing he’s gone and examines his frighteningly extremist record.

Politics talk ends at twenty two minutes and eight seconds in, by the way. That’s after Spike’s talk radio conscience weighs in.

Spike will deal with “this much freaky and scary” when it comes to Google’s information gathering (and their ‘official blob’) but is well impressed that they’re splashing some cash on worthy causes and generating almost a third of their power through solar. All whilst Yahoo is going down the tubes.

He suggests a new way to deal with the UK’s problem of the failures of private prisons, talks about prostitution and uses the phrase “here’s the rub” without tying it into anything sexual (shame!), a how-to guide for making a few extra bucks with your webcam, haggis and the lies of the guys who got attacked by a tiger.

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All Click said...

Awesome ticket picture. Reminds me of grumpy ticket collectors and crappy train service.