Friday, January 18, 2008

SNRM: It's Aw In Yir Heid! (week of Jan 13-19)

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After an entirely melodramatic introduction, a rundown of his merry maladies, and an earth-shattering announcement, Spike does exactly what he promises not to; talks about American politics. Not for long though. And he does pay a rare compliment to John McCain, so that alone is worth listening for, because it probably won’t happen again.

British Prime Minister (Never A Frown With) Gordon Brown wants every Brit to be on the organ donor list by default – Spike, who currently has an uncle in need of a lung transplant, isn’t sure how he feels about it.

The death penalty debate comes around again with the release of Ohio death row Scot Kenny Richie, why the people who spent the most on a Blu-Ray DVD player are getting the crappy end of the stick, the Oscars, fakey psychics and the answer to why American Idol isn’t selling records.

All that, plus another appearance from Brendan The Iremonger with his traditional Podcast-Within-A-Podcast which, this week, includes Brendan’s fine baritone singing voice belting out a verse of “Jobbie Circus” and plenty of feedback from the cheeky chappies in the peanut gallery.

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They're all Hitler Dums and Hitler Dees to me.

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