Thursday, January 10, 2008

SNRM: Happy New Hampshire!

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In the first real Rage Machine of the year, Spike talks about the race for the Whitehouse; Hillary battles Obama battles Huckabee battles McCain battles gawd knows who next. Why is Hillary skeevy and untrustworthy? Why is John McCain skeevy and untrustworthy? Why did John Edwards and Mike Huckabee win Iowa but get trounced in New Hampshire? Spike, as usual, has all the answers. Because he’s awesome.

Also! MPs in Britain – already paid extremely well – say that there’s no money to give to working stiffs living paycheck to paycheque, but are more than happy to awards themselves a 2% pay increase. You know, for all that good work they’ve been doing.

Furtherwards of a talkingness on this feature-length edition, why you didn’t hear the two shows that happened last week, how Old Spike gave his son a fever blister from three and a half thousand miles away, the battle over the next home movie format and other geekery, shenanigans, goings on, bedlam and “antics”. For a penny.

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