Wednesday, December 19, 2007

SNRM December 18th: "Jobbie Circus"

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A two-man Rage Machine for the last feature-length show of the year, with Spike joined via the magic of Skype by Chimp Jones (of the internet’s “Chimpcasting” fame) to talk rubbidge.

There’s belches by request and the shredder makes it’s debut, to deal with the news stories that don’t pass muster. The two talk about the “War on Christmas” and whether it’s anyone else’s business how one spends one’s festive season, and whether the lumpen prolitariat have sacrificed quality for quantity in media.

There’s a thrilling second-hand story about the primary school event of the 1980s that attracted all and sundry to see “hands on the floor”, the future of sex, the future of TV and what the aliens will unearth in the ruins of the Earth.

In the news, New Jersey gets sent to the shredder, why “values” are on the backburner for republicans and the bank whose half-million pay-it-forward PR campaign gets some rare praise from Spike.

All that plus grand theft bike, christmas beer and “CSI: Furry Boot”.

Happy Holidays!