Friday, October 05, 2007

SNRM: "Late Call, With The Reverend Spike Nesmith"

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The Reverend Spike, finally a respectable man, addresses his flock and introduces the new show Facebook group – search groups for “The Spike Nesmith Rage Machine Podcast”, join, and share it with your friends. Amen.

This week, will Guiliani’s left-leaning social stances scupper his whitehouse chances? Or will they scupper the GOP’s chances as a whole? A pious coalition seems to think so. Spike is conflicted over how one of the DC snipers is coming to terms with his crimes and considers a life of crime himself.

Plus: Laughing at the misfortune of rich people – right or wrong? Spike’s home town makes him angry, Dawn Of The Dead comes true and an angry film maker can’t come to terms with the fact that his rubbish film won’t be winning any awards.

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All Click said...

Bravo for posting this on a Friday. T'was perfect to listen to this while I worked on menial Friday-esque tasks. Thanks for including my comment too! I guess it didn't get me a shameless plug though :-p All the best, Reverend.

Spike Nesmith said...

What do you mean?? It's been up there all along! *ahem*

RedZeppelin said...

I'm going to join Facebook right away!

As soon as I get some friends.

All Click said...

Hmm not sure how I missed that! *raises eyebrow*