Wednesday, October 24, 2007

SNRM: Breaking Kayfabe, Eating Earwax, Signatures and Circles.

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There’s a brief recap of the last show (which, if you were clever enough and technical enough to decode it, would give you a good ten minutes’ worth of material from last week) before Spike breaks kayfabe and reveals some intimately personal details and has one of his regular and well-worn crisis of confidence. But he’s happy that local blogger The Film Geek asked him to guest review the movie “Michael Clayton”.

On the show this week, why Sean “insanity” Hannity is a better broadcaster than Spike; the cost of the Iraq war, what the cost to translate to per person and how much more Bush wants; a ‘gnarly’ action by an Australian politician which may cost him the PM-ship; it’s tinfoil hats at the ready as Spike expounds on a report that NASA are burying that is more interested in protecting “Wee Johnny CEO’s bonus” than it is the general population; anther reason for the extremists to hate ‘Harry Potter’; “signatures and circles” and, after a “crunchy gear shift”, why the geek will inherit the votes….

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Oh, and...

That little piece of video could, potentially, lose Kevin Rudd the Australian election.

So, what gnarly action or habit could a politician have or exhibit that would make you question whether you'd vote for them?


Chris James said...

Kick ass, dude.

BTW, I bet Boris Johnson could get away with eating ear wax. God knows he's done worse and survived.

The Film Geek said...

Hey, great show. And I'm honored to have been mentioned within the same 6 minutes as Jennifer Love Hewitt and her bum!