Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fame At Last! I'm a guest reviewer!

Well, following on from my miniature review of "Michael Clayton" this weekend and my out-loud wondering of what The Film Geek would make of it, the great man himself asked me to write a guest review. What he got was a rambling twenty-seven page stream of pish, but that's how I write. Hey, it's Blogger's bandwidth, right? Go check it out. Hopefully, TFG will write his own review soon, so you can see how a pro does it.

Top marks for compliments, by the way. He called me a "kid"! =D


The Film Geek said...

Hey Spike: I'm at an age where I, too, understand the power of "kid." Enjoy!

I enjoyed your review, and it made me even more interested in seeing the movie. I think Clooney is brilliant.

JDB said...

That's the danger of having a good idea - somebody might ask you to follow through with it! Happens all the time at work, sadly.

Chris James said...

TFG and Spike together? This is the most exciting duo since the Rock n Sock Connection!!!

The Film Geek said...


Chris and I have met. He knows I look like Cactus Jack!!