Wednesday, October 24, 2007

SNRM: Breaking Kayfabe, Eating Earwax, Signatures and Circles.

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There’s a brief recap of the last show (which, if you were clever enough and technical enough to decode it, would give you a good ten minutes’ worth of material from last week) before Spike breaks kayfabe and reveals some intimately personal details and has one of his regular and well-worn crisis of confidence. But he’s happy that local blogger The Film Geek asked him to guest review the movie “Michael Clayton”.

On the show this week, why Sean “insanity” Hannity is a better broadcaster than Spike; the cost of the Iraq war, what the cost to translate to per person and how much more Bush wants; a ‘gnarly’ action by an Australian politician which may cost him the PM-ship; it’s tinfoil hats at the ready as Spike expounds on a report that NASA are burying that is more interested in protecting “Wee Johnny CEO’s bonus” than it is the general population; anther reason for the extremists to hate ‘Harry Potter’; “signatures and circles” and, after a “crunchy gear shift”, why the geek will inherit the votes….

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Oh, and...

That little piece of video could, potentially, lose Kevin Rudd the Australian election.

So, what gnarly action or habit could a politician have or exhibit that would make you question whether you'd vote for them?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fame At Last! I'm a guest reviewer!

Well, following on from my miniature review of "Michael Clayton" this weekend and my out-loud wondering of what The Film Geek would make of it, the great man himself asked me to write a guest review. What he got was a rambling twenty-seven page stream of pish, but that's how I write. Hey, it's Blogger's bandwidth, right? Go check it out. Hopefully, TFG will write his own review soon, so you can see how a pro does it.

Top marks for compliments, by the way. He called me a "kid"! =D

Friday, October 19, 2007

Before You See "Michael Clayton"...

Bear in mind that as much as I thoroughly enjoyed it, that final scene that may earn Clooney another Oscar nomination is ripped off, shamelessly, from Bob Hoskins' finest moment in "The Long Good Friday".

Acting. Fucking. Masterclass. (and did you happen to catch a young Peirce Brosnan? That was before he got speaking parts....). Easily one of the finest gangster movies ever made, standing shoulder to shoulder with "White Heat", and an astonishing performance that is absolutely flawless from start to finish. Stunning. What he does with his face in the above clip accomplishes what lesser actors can't do in TEN films, Hoskins accomplishes in less than 90 seconds. (teh madd propz to Helen Mirren too. She blew me away in "TLGF")

I'm eager to see what The Film Geek made of "Michael Clayton" (especially since I'm shamelessly ripping off his 'Film Scenes That Matter'). I was thoroughly impressed that someone out there is actually making films for adults! With attention spans! And minds! THINKING MINDS! It will be a shame if Clooney is passed over at the Oscars, but it will be a travesty if Tilda Swinton is too.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

SNRM: The Final Old Spike Of The Year.

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Last visit from Old Spike until easter!

Old Spike talks about British politics, regales us with stories of his travels from there to here, a little football, a little racism and shouting at the royal family when “the worse for wear”.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

SNRM: Old Spike Returns!

He's back for one more week this year (next visit will be easter 08!), and for just one show, so get your questions-for-Dad in ASAFP. You know how much he loves to answer your questions in his inimitable fashion, so ask him whatever you like, here or at - or you can do a Brendan and send an MP3 question. 'Sup to you.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Rage Machine Poll!

Here's a poll for this week's show. Hurrybequick and vote, this only happened last night.

Just in case it mangles the question, Mrs Spike thinks I have issues for wishing doom on the wee buggers, I think I'm justified since it counts as home invasion. Nobody knocks on your door at 1am unless someone has died or someone is going to die...


Friday, October 05, 2007

SNRM: "Late Call, With The Reverend Spike Nesmith"

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The Reverend Spike, finally a respectable man, addresses his flock and introduces the new show Facebook group – search groups for “The Spike Nesmith Rage Machine Podcast”, join, and share it with your friends. Amen.

This week, will Guiliani’s left-leaning social stances scupper his whitehouse chances? Or will they scupper the GOP’s chances as a whole? A pious coalition seems to think so. Spike is conflicted over how one of the DC snipers is coming to terms with his crimes and considers a life of crime himself.

Plus: Laughing at the misfortune of rich people – right or wrong? Spike’s home town makes him angry, Dawn Of The Dead comes true and an angry film maker can’t come to terms with the fact that his rubbish film won’t be winning any awards.

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