Thursday, September 20, 2007

Rage Machine: "Bond -burp- ACLU - burp- Healthcare -burp- Phobias -burp-"

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Well, someone’s a little gassy tonight, aren’t they?

On the agenda: “a tidal wave of correspondence”, a veritable backlash over Spike’s comments on the Bond franchise last week, which leads into the great man himself saying something he’s never said before… “It appears that I may have been wrong about this.”

Another episode of the podcast-within-a-podcast from Brendan the Iremonger, a look at a traditionally liberal civil rights organisation standing firmly behind (but not standing widely beside) a troubled republican senator.

Rudy Giuliani marches into “jolly old England” to tell those wacky English types how rubbish their ‘socialized’ heathcare system is. Because he knows all about it, having been in the country for fifteen minutes. Spike expounds on his own extensive experiences with both nationalised and private healthcare systems, which is better and why Giuliani is talking out of his cancerous prostate.

Additionally; them foreigners is living longer, how a brown lawn can get you thrown down a flight of L.A. stairs, weird Spike and his multiple phobias and the state of Chernobyl.

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RedZeppelin said...

The only reason you got a flood of comments about Bond as opposed to all the other topics you've discussed is that you've been right about everything else.

"Mishh Monaypenayyyyyyy."

Muze Euterpe said...

A broken fingernail?