Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Beast Of The Spike Nesmith Rage Machine.

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“The owls are not what they seem…”

No live show this week – a ‘beast-of’ instead, albeit with ten dazzling minutes of new material, including a nightmarish (and profane) trip around the radio dial, and all too rare appearance from veteran news anchor Smack Torquelson and the “Newsmakers Investigates” team as they bust an internet child predator ring wide open.

Rehashed instead of Spike working, a clip from the very first Rage Machine, Old Spike talks about being an “anti-war secular progressive liberal” and his love of the Fox News Channel.

Spike prays, he’s rudely awoken by his Geordie conscience and covers a wide range of topics from shows of yore including being called the antithesis of a wine snob, agreeing with Bush on something (in principle), making dog food and glue out of a sporting legend, cutting tongues, fat kids and death by gaming. Phew.

Business as usual with the live show and podcast next week, and hugebig props go to WKLC’s Dawn Cox for being such a great bipolar morning TV host.


RedZeppelin said...

I just enjoyed a $6 bottle of Redwood Creek, so I share your anti-snobbery regarding wine.

Beer, OTOH, is another story, where my tastes are beyond my income. That Newcastle Brown talk made me thirsty, but that's out of my league. Sigh...

PumpkinSpider said...

the start of this was kind scary...


well, it was for a delicate little flower like me.

you can stop laughing now..