Thursday, August 30, 2007

Rage Machine, August 29th.

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We start with a little light housekeeping, including comment from Spike’s eldest sister and Brendan the Iremonger, both with some wise words about last week’s show.

Scandal of the month features a not-gay whacky shoe-tapper with a wide stance in the smallest room and a crazy voting record looking, allegedly, for a good, lewd time to the sound of someone stepping on ducks…

After the results of “Cancer Idol”, will smoking Britons become non-smoking Britons after gazing at pictures of diseased lungs on their fag packets?

Why was hose-faced Princess Diana, the right royal queen of England’s girl’s hearts, so popular abroad and so loathed at home? Spike’ll tell you why.

And Diamond John Edwards, multi-millionaire 3rd-place candidate for the Democrats prez pick, he of the $400 haircuts, wants us poverty-stricken hobbledehoys to give up our SUVs and buy expensive hybrids instead. You know, to save the environment.

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Anonymous said...

This is the 2nd SNRM I've heard on UKN Radio. Ya dancin' bear!

Brendan said...

Thanks for the link... don't think I'll bother with a voice clip this time, but I don't think the fact that John Edwards is rich nullifies his genuine desire to help the poor. It's impossible for someone who's not rich to become president in this country so would you prefer no one wanted to improve the minimum wage and healthcare?! Also there's something between the SUV and the Hybrid. I don't think he expected us po folks to run out there and get the 'greenest' vehicle, just to make better choices. Rage on at Larry Craig though, and how about Bob Allen?