Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Rage Machine: August 23

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The critics agree; The Spike Nesmith Rage Machine kicks significant backside! 1nkling says, “Wow.. spike was everything I’d been promised for weeks”. Even Spike’s older sister gets in on the act, “i’m enjoying it. it’s like shooting the shit with you, but without having to concentrate on paying enough attention to contribute to the conversation“.

We begin with a brief word from Spike’s daughter Spikette, a “where the hell were we?” update, why the show is worse (or, at least, more frightening) sans Old Spike, some news about poor Mrs Spike’s ailments, his mid-life crisis and “two chicks at once”.

Should we laugh at death? Yeah – why the hell not? The department of ironic deaths claims another victim that Spike tries hard not to laugh at. Hey… it’s a slow news day. DID! YOU! KNOW! That one in four Americans read no books last year? None. No books. Good? Bad? Flawed survey…?

Bom bom bom! This is politics! Republican Mitt Romney takes some chunks out of Rudy Guiliani over the immigration “sanctuary policies” of some cities. Spike wants to know why you left your birth country (if you’re an emigrant) or what would make you leave if you’re still there. Email your thoughts to

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Brendan said...

Another entertaining show, even if you didn't get to that guy's email which you teased :) Hope Mrs. Spike is feeling better... a voice comment has been sent to your ragemachine gmail. You know, in case you don't check it very often!

PumpkinSpider said...

All success is relative and life is what you make it

* you have 2 great kids (and as your sister I can catagorically state that you have clearly gotten all the good genes in the family), a fabulous and lovely wife, and your own podcast that people are actually listening to and enjoying and joining in with

* your GP may currently be in a position of responsibility, but a few more incidents like the one that you went through and "sue-eeeee" can't be far behind

* the surgeon has had to work really hard and make sacrifices to get where he is today and literally the mammoth task of having people's lives in his hands every single time he does his job

* I might be approaching the sweet 16th of my 21st birthday and unable to find work, but I choose to see this as a break and a change of direction and the right thing will come along when the time is right as long as I keep trying

Guess you just have to do the best you can with what you've got to make everything the way you truly want it - work life balance and all that...

oh, and


RedZeppelin said...

Well, this podcast is sure uplifting for an already-depressed guy in his upper 30s.