Friday, August 03, 2007

Rage Machine, August 1st

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A little housecleaning for Spike and Old Spike as they consider two late “Desert Island” movie lists that were submitted to for the first hour and then get into some meatier topics. Hey… What’s that buzzing sound? Oh well, never mind.

“Socialised healthcare”? Balk if you may, but Spike and Old Spike are more than happy to pay a little more per month to make sure you and your kids don’t have to make medical decisions based on whether you can afford it or not. You’re welcome.

And they discuss Thatcher’s legacy as the US Republicans scramble for her altzheimers-riddled approval. I guess it’s the closest they can get to a thumbs-up from Reagan. Old Spike, an old-school leftie stalwart, discusses what was wrong with her.

And guns.

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1 comment:

Brendan said...

I submitted a late list by email... been enjoying the shows. I like your dad's worldview. This may be a question he's annoyed by but how does he manage to stay positive without believing in a higher power?