Monday, July 09, 2007

Guess Who's Coming To Podcast

It's summertime and that can only mean one thing chez Nez - it's a parental invasion! Yep, my mum and dad are back in town for a few weeks to provide endless cups of tea, Law And Order on the telly, free childcare and... drumroll... podcasting!

My dad will be joining me for several episodes of my incredibly well-received webcast/podcast this summer, just as he did over easter. So, if you have any questions or comments for Old Spike, post them here or email them to We'll be live at 8pm on Wednesday nights with the podcast following a day or so afterwards.

Let's hope he doesn't get sick again this time so he can spread his warm atheistic charm, rambling stories and unspoken disappointment in what an utter failure his son is. And, maybe, the promise of some ice cold "The Beast" or a chilly glass of Tobermory will tempt Paul Wheeler back down to the sprawling studio complex for a three-man moan...


RedZeppelin said...

People would much rather hear your dad than that Wheeler goofball.

Chimp said...

This is Chimp: I'd sort of like to hear Paul too :)