Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Spike Nesmith Rage Machine, June 6th

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This, from the chatroom:

[Staris] I’ve never been so willing to listen someone moaning for an hour before. =D Thanks, mate! That's a keeper!

This week, Spike wonders if Steven Speilberg is listening. It could happen! He’s “coasting along alcohol-fee”, so if the show is rubbish we can blame caffeine-free diet Coke.

Also on the agenda, he decides not to talk about “some vaguely hot photogenic late-teen” who went missing. In fact, he doesn’t talk about it for a couple of minutes. He insults what little people are listening, talks about the republican mass-debate and who he fancies for their presidential pick.

He gets skeeved out by Hillary Clinton’s insincerity, gives Guiliani a free pass on one of his most controversial mayoral decisions, derides the idea of citizenship and a proposed law in the UK that would award it ‘points’ and voluntary work.

He talks about keeping kids inside and being scared to let them out, talks about his ‘friendly neighbourhood murderer’ that his parents tried hard to keep him away from and touches on “teensurance”.

Oh – and hot teachers having it away with pupils and… porn in the classroom. There's apparently never been a better time to be a kid!


All Click said...

I think you should add the grange hill theme into every RAge Machine! It never gets old!

All Click said...

I demand to know when the next Rage Machine will take place! :p

Steven Speilberg said...

My name is Steven Speilberg. I made a film with some men in it. It was good. I made a film with a shark who bit the men and that was good.
I went to the shops with my mom and had cake and a drink of coke and a toy. It was good.
I saw a man in a hat and a dog they were having fun. I will make a film about a man in a hat and a dog having fun. It is called 'Transformers'.