Friday, June 29, 2007

Misty Water-Coloured Meeeeemoriiiessss...

In celebration (?) of the passing of the third anniversary (THIRD, FFS!) of the death of "58Live With Paul And Spike", I submit to thee the never-before-seen webcam file dump of the last ever show.

There's not much to look at other than people eating cake and the quality is pretty ropey due to the low-bitrate nature of streaming video, but it's an intriguing glance into the end of an era. Not necessarily a happy one, but a one just the same. The show is as broadcast, so there's plenty of downtime during breaks. The story of what was going on 'behind the microphone' is a blog post, novel or sitcom in and of itself (perhaps a missed opportunity for a lawsuit, even), but here is how it all ended.

Enjoy them!

Hour 1:

Hour 2: (partial)

Hour 3:

And with that, the hot co-eds were all deleted, forever.


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Jacque said...

Sigh. :( It still makes me sad..