Thursday, May 10, 2007

May 9th: The Full-Steam Rage Machine podcast

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He’s back, and badder than ever! (that’s not bad meaning good, bad meaning ‘no talent hack’... just to clarify)

Armed with a sheaf of shite, Spike lends his terse vocal cords to several news stories. The missing English girl in Portugal and why her moron parents are to blame for her disappearance – drugs: a new drug for kids (and Spike) called “cheese” and why the new statistics that claim 10% of the US population have experimented with drugs is way too low – a Chicago law firm’s billboard proudly proclaims “Life Is Short: Get A Divorce”. Good or bad? – can we convert our gas-gussling cars into coconut-guzzling cars? Yes, according to New Guinea! How long before Big Oil® smashes it like a bug…? – New Jersey about to abolish the death penalty? Believe it! Spike supports keeping it, but not for murderers, only for “wee bastards” – ...and Paris Hilton. Ugh.

And there’s music by The Switch, performing their tip-top, toe-tapping tong, “Trini”.

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