Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm Ready.

OK, so-called "big oil". I'm ready. I've reached my breaking point and I'm ready to be selfish. Take Alaska. Do whatever you bloody well want with it. I'm ready to sacrifice a few moose and mice up north for some financial relief.


RedZeppelin said...

This from a guy who just drove 80 miles to buy strawberries and goldfish. :) Drive less, pay less. Or just sell a kidney.

Spike Nesmith said...

Which would be fine if I were galavanting around the country going to festivals willy-nilly for my own amusement. The Strawberry Festival just so happens to be happening where my in-laws live. Goldfish or no goldfish, shortcake or no shortcake, Mrs Spike wants to see her parents and they want to see the grandkids. (and I want some free childcare and to GTF out of Charleston for a while). The strawberry festival just so happened to be closeby. If it makes you feel any better, I've already cancelled the entirely frivolous and unnecessary trip to King's Island this summer.

One shouldn't have to cut back an essential service, provided by companies who give their uppers ridiculous salaries and 'rewards' in the tens of millions and post record profits. We all could drive less, but then guess what? That would cut into the profits of big oil who would whine, bitch and moan that the only cleared *seven* billion this quarter instead of nine, so gas prices will go up and up and up to close the gap and buy the CEOs a new yacht whilst Joe Schmoe from Idaho, who couldn't in a thousand lifetimes of hard work afford $3000 suits, 7 houses in the Hamptons and a lear jet gets continually bent over the table by those who are lucky enough to not have to worry about how they're going to pay bills at the end of each month. And all over something he can't live without.

There should be a maximum price that consumers pay at the pump. And just as the companies who provide it say to us, "tough tits, them's the breaks" when the prices went up, the same should be said to them when their profits go down as a result.

'mon the revolution. I can't see heads on sticks outside sprawling, opulent corporate offices soon enough.

RedZeppelin said...

I was just kidding around.

/slinks away ashamed

Spike Nesmith said...


...take THAT. Or something.


Anonymous said...