Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm Ready.

OK, so-called "big oil". I'm ready. I've reached my breaking point and I'm ready to be selfish. Take Alaska. Do whatever you bloody well want with it. I'm ready to sacrifice a few moose and mice up north for some financial relief.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Spike Nesmith Rage Machine, May 16 2007

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Spike drops a bombshell about the future of the “Rage Machine”. Wow.

Of a talkingness this week, our hero kills something until it’s “deeeeaaaaaad” but still fails to impress his coworkers, there’s updates on the little girl lost in Portugal and why it’s getting out of hand, the British Ministry of Defence have come out and said that your kids are less valuable than a do-nothing, red-faced, anachronistic figurehead, so they won’t be sending Prince Harry to Iraq. Surprise? Noooo. Also on the agenda, XM Satellite Radio’s decision to can shock jocks Opie and Anthony for a month and whether this has an effect on free speech, there’s a ten month old kid in Illionis with a gun permit (really!), Spike gives us a lesson in impersonating Tony Blair and Gordon Brown and he gets “so blazingly angry that my face will go red, my fists will shake and the red mist will descend” about something.

Podsafe music this week by Megaphone, singing the very excellent “Not Your Enemy”.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

May 9th: The Full-Steam Rage Machine podcast

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He’s back, and badder than ever! (that’s not bad meaning good, bad meaning ‘no talent hack’... just to clarify)

Armed with a sheaf of shite, Spike lends his terse vocal cords to several news stories. The missing English girl in Portugal and why her moron parents are to blame for her disappearance – drugs: a new drug for kids (and Spike) called “cheese” and why the new statistics that claim 10% of the US population have experimented with drugs is way too low – a Chicago law firm’s billboard proudly proclaims “Life Is Short: Get A Divorce”. Good or bad? – can we convert our gas-gussling cars into coconut-guzzling cars? Yes, according to New Guinea! How long before Big Oil® smashes it like a bug…? – New Jersey about to abolish the death penalty? Believe it! Spike supports keeping it, but not for murderers, only for “wee bastards” – ...and Paris Hilton. Ugh.

And there’s music by The Switch, performing their tip-top, toe-tapping tong, “Trini”.