Monday, April 16, 2007

The Spike Nesmith (and his sick Dad) Rage Machine, April 11th 2007

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Poor Spike’s dad is ‘nae weel’. He’s ‘peely-wally’. He’s somewhat under the weather this week, so the ribald, raucacity of last week is muted. Unsurprisingly, the Messers Nez discuss the recent Imus controversy and whether censorship is the way to go. There’s more “playing silly buggers” from Spike’s elderly computer and an extremely active chatroom. See what you miss when you don’t listen to the live show…? There’s a foray into movie nudity in Hollywood’s early years, a little American Idol, some singing, some limericks and – gulp – more religion.

Oh, and look out for an all-too-brief appearance from Spike’s Mum, too!

Spike’s folks are away home now, so it’s business as usual next week along with, no doubt, drastically lower listening figures. To interact with the show, complain, suggest a topic or ask a question email – got a microphone attached to your PC? Leave a terse voicemessage for The Rage Machine here:

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Misfitina said...

Hope your dad feels better!