Friday, April 06, 2007

The Spike Nesmith (and his Dad) Rage Machine - April 4th

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“Hello, entire world!”

This week, our hero is joined by his Dad! If you thought Spike was a Bill O’Reilley-bating ‘far-left, secular, progressive, anti-war liberal’, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

There’s probing, personal questions for Dad from the chatroom (“does Spike’s dad like beans?”) and they cover a myriad of politics, the religious ripples caused by September 11, why the news media are obsessed with fluff, reality-show stories over hard news, the fact that the boys can’t mention Spike’s 6th grade teacher’s name without getting the giggles and two “faintly rude” limericks. Warning… there’s language.


Spike’s Dad will be back next week. To interact with the show, complain, suggest a topic or limerick or ask Spike’s Dad a question email:

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