Thursday, March 01, 2007


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Another full Rage Machine, beginning with a custom-made intro by listener Maz. She gets the name wrong, but hey… Gordon Brown, the soon-to-be PM of Grrrreat Brrrritain is suggesting that new immigrants be forced to do voluntary work, Spike gives his three cents about immigration and why there’s no point in him becoming a citizen.

Is the term “illegal alien” offensive? Accoring to a senator in Florida… yes. And according to the House Of Lords, “bloody foreigner” is a term of abuse. Spike gets hip to the talk radio jive and coins a well-worn phrase.

Spike takes the odd step of defending teenagers’ repuations (write down the date, it probably won’t happen again)

There’s also death, games and fatness. What’s not to like?

Listen carefully – not only are there several planes wooshing overhead, but it’s painfully obvious that Spike’s smoke alarm needs a new battery, too…

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