Monday, March 05, 2007

I Need Stats... STAT!

When I started doing my incredibly successful webcast/podcast, I was telling Mrs Spike that the software I use for the live show has a little "statistic relay" window that shows me, in real time, how many people are listening. I can see exactly how many people are there, when they drop off (or log on to) the stream with a handy wee graph. This is how the conversation went:

Mrs Spike: Disconnect it.
me: What?
Mrs Spike: The statistical relay.
me: Why?
Mrs Spike: Because you'll just get obsessed and angry when you don't get the results you want.
me: I won't! I'm a professional!

Suffice it to say, she was right - every time the audience dips, even by one, a part of me inside gets red hot. But anyhoo, I decided to check the stats for this blog site. Since my podcast is one of the most ignored in the history of the internet but, remarkably, this blog pulls in some bizarrely high numbers, I thought I'd see what brings people here...

Y'all are weird.

As you can see, just one of those terms includes my name and none about anything I've mentioned in a year or more. So... thanks!

Now for gawd's sake, go listen to the Spike Nesmith Rage Machine podcast. And tell a friend.


Chris James said...

Apparently over the course of a month I had blogged about Alec Baldwin and Krogers. Couple that with the title of my blog (which contains the word "apple"), I ended up getting a Googler the other day that was searching for the price of Baldwin's Apples at Kroger.

That was just, I dunno, odd...

jedi jawa said...

I know what you're saying buddy. Sitemeter has been down (it's coming back now) and I was really missing being able to check to see how my blog was doing. Now that it's coming back it looks like I've lost traffic over the last two weeks for some reason!

I sometimes find myself each night looking to see if I'm going to get the number I need to keep my daily average where it is. God how pathetic! :-)

Rick Lee said...

Yeah, it's bizarre what brings people to my site via Google... it hasn't changed much since I wrote this post.