Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Spike Nesmith Rage Machine Podcast - February 7th.

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On this edition, a hideously tasteless "Challenger" joke, and we’ll examine the dog outside the window.

No, wait. Scratch that. Being talkered this time, NASA’s new pitch for a sit-com about a whacky diaper-wearing “astronaughty”, there’s the… oh! Look! The dog’s sniffing at something now! Ha!

..sorry. Is romance dead? It bloody well should be in schools, that’s for… is that snow outside? Cooooool!!


Getting back on track, romance is dead in schools and there’s a hideously short discussion about politics and who will be the nominations for both parties in the… NO WAY! That dog just tried to eat a bird. WOW!

I-pods? Should you be fined for listening whilst you’re… Aw. The dog’s gone now! Maaan!

Um. Yeah. So… uuhh.. umm… listen, ok?

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