Friday, October 27, 2006

A Talker's Tale...

Once upon a time, a young man by the name of Paul decided to take internet talk radio a rest. And lo, his ex-sidekick decided to do something he hadn't done in ten years or so; go it alone. With disasterous results.

Here are those results.

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In this exciting episode of THE SPIKE NESMITH RAGE MACHINE, our hero – apparently hyped up on something – excitedly discusses his unpopular love for mid 80s depress-o-matic band The Smiths, he talks about Michael J Fox’s recent political support ad and Rush Limbaugh’s controversial comments about it and makes a few of his own all whilst auditioning his new and imaginary political campaign in which he reveals exclusive proof that his imaginary opponent is a douchebag.

He yaks a (brief) storm about Iraq, about a man who (gulp) raped a dead dog (no, really!) and about prostitution. Sounds like someone has something on the mind!

But it all starts with a short, but relaxing, meditation and prayer. Aaahh.

All in all, what a show. Best one he did in at least a week. Don’t be afraid to email or leave an Odeo comment. That would, in fact, be rather nice of you.


Stanton said...

Great, Spike! I love the political ad bit. Keep it up.

Stanton said...

Great job Spike! I loved the bit on political ads!

media said...

I was there - and I lived to tell the tale!

Stacey said...

Man, its been a while since I have been to your blog. Lots to catch up on now. How's things been? Looks like you have been busy!