Thursday, September 14, 2006

Paul And Spike Cast, episode 2

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A few technical difficulties (including P&S’s sprawling studio complex being plunged into darkness thanks to a passing storm) but otherwise our heroes discuss the ongoing war on terror and some privacy issues raised by a story about a Seattle feller’s collation and posting of perverts’ private parts. Oh, and “American Idol”. Spike seriously considers getting rid of his PC and upgrading to a Commodore 64, whilst Paul grieves over his lost Atari.

Smack Torquelson’s “Newsmakers” team have exclusive access to Osama bin Laden’s chilling new message and cover the closure of 880 WKKK, Ham County Kentucky’s white supremacist radio station. Meanwhile, Paul gets some homework from Spike and has until the next broadcast to watch and review a full episode of the classic “Tiswas”.

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