Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Reality TV Show Haikus

Oh sure, we could spend pages and pages reviewing the various reality TV shows. But why bother, when we can do it Japanese-stylee?

Starvation island!!
Dump jerks somewhere that's nowhere.
Best place for 'em, right?

The Amazing Race
CBS tells teams,
"have a worldwide vacation!"
Watch from the ghetto.

Big Brother
"Houseguests" all locked in.
Watch them fight and go crazy.
Ikea paid well...

The Surreal Life
Oh look, it's has-beens!
I'd forgot about them all,
and will again soon.

Treasure Hunters
NBC were stuck.
They saw 'The Amazing Race'.
"Let's just copy this."

American Idol
It's a talent show.
Simon Cowell is the best.
and wins the most cash.

America's Got Talent
NBC were stuck
They once saw "Idol".
"Let's just copy this."

The Apprentice
Vying for a job with Trump.
Fire them all, I say!

Last Comic Standing
See them perform now!
Chances are, you won't again!
"last" for a reason.

Hell's Kitchen
More British yelling.
This time, a restaurant's the set.
Good luck getting served!

So You Think You Can Dance
Stroke-faced female host.
Epileptic contestants.
But still, it's good fun.

The Real World
MTV's baby.
Slack Jawed teenagers.
all oxygen thieves.

Fear Factor
This show makes me puke.
It used to be exciting!
Now it's all chewed bugs.

America's Next Top Model
Anorexic cows.
All trying to be hangers.
Binge and purge, repeat.


Anathema Device said...

Bwahahahahaa!!!! These are great!

heather said...

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Charlie Tee said...

Spike,I agree on all counts...
I even have problems with Idol.You can visit my site and find out how I feel about those shows, and people like Simon.
Nice blog,keep up the good work.
See, someone's reading.
lovingly,Charlie Tee :-)

Senihele said...

Gag. I'm sorry. I'm just so tired of "reality" shows. There are a few out there that are moderately interesting BUT....

Reality shows.
Why do I bother to watch?


Anonymous said...

Hilarious. I love listening to you on the radio. Keep up the good work!