Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Fame At Last (25 Peeps like me, 25 more than liked me yesterday)

Look who made it to 25Peeps! THIS GUY! ME! w00t, as they say. So hello to everyone who came from there. I wonder if this means I'll get more than half a dozen hits a day...

I don't, for one minute, expect for my masked fizzog to last any more than a day up there, particularly since my picture doesn't feature tits (fake or otherwise). It's a hard life on the internets - what does a man like me have to draw people to his blog? Dazzling wit? Insight? Tits? Nope, none of the above. One of my first posts ever touched on this; people like me, people with no life, no real take on anything and a bust of less than a C-cup are doomed to obscurity in this blogged life. There's no scandal, no sex, no politics (or, at least, very little politics - unusual for a former talk radio guy, huh?) and little more than infrequently updated jabbering that means nothing, solves nothing and does nothing. Hmph.

Oh well, ho-hum. The attention whoring must go on, so if you clicked through 25Peeps, welcome! If you clicked through from any of the other quality blogs that link to me (but, mysteriously, I can't link to - thanks Blogger!) you're also welcome! If you found this blog, as most people seem to, by Googling for "Lazytown" ...well, you're welcome too. You're odd, but you're welcome.

Oh gawd, I wonder if I should start updating this every day. If I fall off 25Peeps' radar, I'd feel nothing but complete irrelevance!

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Senihele said...

Isn't it all irrelevance anyway???